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Solelec, electrical installation expert

Solelec, a subsidiary of the Equans international group, is the benchmark in Luxembourg in terms of electrical systems engineering, low and medium voltage electrical installations and the integration of low-voltage and low-current systems for projects in the construction, infrastructure, industry and energy sectors.

Solelec has two branches in Luxembourg: the head office in the south in Esch and a branch in the north in Roost.

Why choose Solelec?

active employees
years of experience in electrical installation
major projects*
active employees
years of experience in electrical installation
major projects*

* above 1 million euros, of which 60% above 5 million euros

Our installer activities

Our expertise in detail

Design office

Solelec has its own design office comprising engineers, technicians and draughtspeople.   From the design phase to the finalisation of the ‘As Built’ file, our highly qualified staff is always listening to our clients’ needs, whether in the tertiary sector or industry, to guide them optimally through the many technical choices. Our expertise covers the following fields:

- Building electrical engineering, earthing diagram,
- surge protection risk study and installation design,
- normal and emergency lighting study,
- single and multiline diagram for electric cabinets,
- energy distribution study,
- balance of power,
- distribution diagram,
- automation design in industry,
- EIB, KNX installation design for buildings,
- MV, LV, LC electrical engineering design
- fire protection installation study and design,
- access control and management,
- intercom,
- anti-intrusion,
- electrical technical sales study for infrastructure in buildings and industry

Electricity panels

Solelec has its own cabling workshop (nearly 600 m²) and a dozen people who are working every day to implement our clients’ electricity panels.

- Master LV panel up to 3200 A,
- distribution panel for the building,
- metering panel according to CREOS recommendation,
- HVAC control cabinet,
- specific machine unit,
- control unit for Petrochemistry,
- cabinet and Retrofit of control cabinets in industry
- industrial automation programming and commissioning

Medium voltage

- Transformer station
- Backup generator
- Installation of canalis type prefabricated electrical cabling
- Maintenance of MV transformer and cells
- Oil sampling and analysis

Low voltage

- Normal and safety electrical cabling
- Normal and equipment lighting installation
- Static and UPS power supply
- Lightning rod/surge protection
- Normal and backup electrical networks
- Photovoltaic systems
- Modification or adaptation of electro-mechanical sub-assemblies in industry

Low currents and security

- Detection and fire and intrusion system
- Access control and management
- Video surveillance and sound
- Emergency call system
- Telephony/Intercom/Communications
- Computer networks and data servers
- Multimedia/Videoconference installation
- Smoke extraction
- Supervision of security systems

Automation and supervision

- Centralised technical management
- Security supervision system
- EIB BUS/KNX networks
- Industrial automation
- Automatic parking management
- Supervision of energy metering
- EIB-Dali home automation with supervision
- Lighting scenario with DMX

Health and safety

Health, safety and well-being at work are essential and priority factors that are an integral part of Solelec management systems. To achieve its aims, no saving has priority in these fields.

Environmental protection is also one of our concerns. Environmental protection means preventing all environmental damage: by properly eliminating and disposing of all the waste and ensuring its traceability as well as using hazardous products carefully and properly.

Quality is a permanent objective pursued at all levels of our organisation. For our clients, we’re constantly striving to be exemplary in the design of installations entrusted to us and offer them high-quality services.

Our employees have talent!

Luxembourg Stadium

Casa Ferrero

Electricity panels

Maison du Savoir

Athénée de Luxembourg school

Post Gare - New headquarters

Uerschterhaff Penitentiary

Luxairport terminal A

Intermodal terminal - CFL

European Court of Justice

Our 200 employees demonstrate their professionalism and expertise every day, to successfully complete projects in partnership with our clients.

Solelec is active in the following sectors: 


- Fuel
- Plastics processes
- Steel industry
- Waste recycling


- Public administration
- Data centres
- Schools and universities
- Mass distribution and retail
- Hotels and restaurants
- Office buildings
- Logistics
- Sports and leisure


- Airports
- Car parks
- Railway network

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Siège social Solelec SA
Route de Belval 371
4024 Esch-sur-Alzette
+352 31 48 101 

Succursale Roost
8 rue de Luxembourg
7759 Roost Bissen
+352 31 48 101