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Equans, multi-technical expertise at your service

Optimise the energy and environmental performance of your installations

Equans is a global benchmark player in terms of multi-technical installations and maintenance services

We offer personalised solutions and services to help companies, industries and local authorities consume better, less and more sustainably.

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Our know-how for your sector

Municipalities, public or private landlords, companies, energy communities... Equans helps you make your buildings, industrial sites or heating and cooling networks more efficient, sustainable and safe.

Your sector Buildings (private & public)
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Our expertise Exploitation et maintenance
Our expertise Techniques & installations de froid
Nos expertises Building Efficiency
Nos expertises Mobilité électrique
Nos expertises Énergies renouvelables
Nos expertises Fourniture de chaleur et de froid
Nos expertises Solutions d’efficacité énergétique
Our expertise

Equans is committed to supporting you

With experts and technicians in the fields of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), air handling, cooling technologies, plumbing and piping services, industrial automation, water treatment, maintenance, equipment digitalisation and energy supply, we offer solutions that reduce the environmental impact of your installations and increase your users’ safety.

A broad range of complementary expertise

Our mission

Equans, your partner in transition

Our technological expertise and knowledge of our clients enable us to support you through the three major transitions of our era. 


  • Energy transition We reduce your bill and CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency of your technical equipment and installing local and renewable energy production units.
  • Digital transition We implement digital solutions that improve the energy monitoring, maintenance and management of your installations.
  • Industrial transition We optimise the operational performance of your industrial units through better management of your utilities (heating, cooling, water, compressed air, etc.).
Our references

Facility management, heating networks, etc. Discover our achievements